Measuring Soil Carbon is what we do

Carbon Count commercialised research developed by the Sydney Institute of Agriculture, to provide the most accurate calculation tool for the measurement of carbon in soil.
Carbon Count has three functions: operate the Farm Carbon Calculator for licensees; issue of certificates of tonnage of carbon per farm; and issue a carbon distribution map.

• Carbon Calculator
A tool using a sophisticated statistical method to design a sampling plan for taking soil cores for laboratory analysis from which an accurate measure of the total amount of soil carbon on the farm or  legal title or Carbon Estimation Area (required to trade carbon in Australia) is ultimately calculated.

• Farm Certification of Tonnage.
Issue a certificate of the amount of carbon per farm (per legal title) at a given degree of confidence. This is an audited process backed by insurance.

• Carbon Distribution Map Calculate the best estimate carbon distribution map for the farm to aid farm management, profitability and as a tool in tracking soil health.


Benefits that occur from achieving a Soil Carbon Quantification Certificate for a Carbon Estimation Area include:

  • Compliant with Australian government measurement protocol for carbon trading (ACCUs)
  • The unequal area stratification method used is more tailored to the prevailing landscape
  • Initial accuracy improves further with each subsequent re-measure
  • All individual soil core data is used, no compositing of samples
  • Difficult to defraud because new random sampling plan is designed for each re-measure  

 Benefits that come from using a carbon distribution map as a farm management tool may include:

  • Increased Profit
  • Building farm capacity (through carbon)
  • Measurement of success for regenerative or restorative agriculture
  • Improved soil health


Our Company – our journey

Though the concept was developed in 2008, Carbon Count was set up in 2018.

Our journey from idea, conceptualisation, research, regulation and commercialisation has been exciting.  Click here to learn more. 


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